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MBUX High 549 Retrofit

Original price £999.00 - Original price £999.00
Original price
£999.00 - £999.00
Current price £999.00

Due to the chip shortage, your vehicle may have come with MBUX Mid 548.

With 548 MBUX Mid, the MBUX is more slow, cannot play videos, comes without AMG Track Pace on AMG vehicles, and the Map on the driver screen can not be made full screen.

With the 549 Mbux High Retrofit, you can have all of the above. We can also enable apple car play, dashcam(must purchase AR Kit with High Retrofit not this product), android auto, AMG Track Pace, DAB Radio etc.

Includes RemoteOBD for coding

Please Make sure you enter your VIN number so we can send you the correct unit for your Vehicle & Country.

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