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Mercedes Coding Options



Please note some of these options will not be supported in Non MBUX models. If in doubt please contact us


1. AMG Menus Activation in MBUX Screen - 1 Credit
• For Non AMG vehicles we can enable all the AMG menus in the MBUX as if your car were an AMG
2. AMG Instrument Cluster Activation/Super Sport Display (220,250,300,400,450 vehicles only) -5 Credits
• For Non AMG vehicles we can enable the AMG instrument cluster. Please note this is not supported on diesel vehicles & currently we only support A 2018+ /CLA 2019+ /GLA 2019+/GLB 2019+/GLE 2019+ /E Class 2020+ with the following engines : 220,250,300,400,450
3. Start-Stop remember last setting - 1 Credit
• Useful for people who do not like start stop, we can enable the car to remember the last setting, so if you turn off start stop it stays off even after switching the engine on and off.
4. Exhaust Flap Disable (AMG vehicles only) - 1 Credit
• Always have the exhaust flaps open
5. Enable Exhaust Flap Control via the AMG Drive unit Steering Buttons (Not available for 35 AMG models) - 1 Credit
6. (Extra Cost) Enable Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop and Go (For vehicles without driver assistance pack) – Distronic PRO
• Adaptive cruise control can be activated on most vehicles However we would change the switch blocks on the steering wheel, which would include the distance to the car in front selector


7. Pano Grille Enable on Instrument Cluster & Infotainment Screen - 1 Credit

• Enable Pano Grille when the vehicle is shown in the instrument display or infotainment screen. Please note on non AMG vehicles this will only work on infotaintment screen.

8. Driving Mode of your choice as default Mode when starting vehicle - 1 Credit 
9. AMG Telemetry Display Enable - 1 Credit
• Enable the Telemetry display which shows what power goes to what wheel


10. Race Mode Enable (AMG 35/43/53 Vehicles Only) / Enable Sport +/Snow Mode for Non AMG vehicles - 2 Credits

• Enable Race mode which provides better handling and a slightly better throttle response
11. AMG Dynamics Master & Pro Mode enable(Individual) - 1 Credit 
• Enable Master & Pro Modes for models which only comes with Basic & Advanced handling modes. These extra handling modes make the car better to handle
12. (Extra Cost) Race & Drift Mode Enable for (AMG 45/63 Non S Vehicles)
• This is to enable Race & Drift Mode in your non S vehicle. Only supports A45 2019+/ CLA45 2019+


13. Seatbelt Warning Disable - 1 Credit

14. Rear Seatbelt Warning disable - 1 Credit
15. Energizing Comfort Enable in MBUX - 1 Credit
• Enable active comfort menu which has a selection of videos and ambiences to improve your mood while driving.(Please note you must have MBUX High 549 for this)


16. Secure Tracker Enable - 1 Credit 

• The tracker in the vehicle can be turned off by going to Wifi & Bluetooth settings menu in the MBUX. We can code it so this function is locked and the tracker cannot be disabled
17. Automatic Park Assist re-enable - 3 Credits
• If your car was built after Nov 2020, due to the new UN-79 Regulations manufacturers have had to turn off/reduce Automatic park assist. We can turn the full park assist back on.
18. Enable House Numbers in Augmented Reality Navigation - 1 Credit
• Enable house numbers to be shown in the display when augmented reality navigation display is activated
19. Enable heated seat balance
• Menu which allows you to adjust the balance of the heated seats
20. Car Wash Mode - 1 Credit
• Car wash mode in mbux, which automatically closes the windows/sunroof, automatically folds the mirrors, disables parking sensors & disables automatic wipers
21. Change Active Lane Assist to passive mode/Lane assist memory - 1 Credit
• For vehicles without driver assistance pack, drivers may find the active lane assist to be quite intrusive. Enabling passive mode makes sure that only a warning is displayed and no further action is taken
22. Automatic High Beam - 3 Credits
• Vehicle automatically turns on high beam at night when there is no car infront of you or there is no oncoming traffic. When a car infront or oncoming is detected the high beam automatically shuts off again
23. (Extra Cost) Intelligent High Beam Plus Activation
• Enable the intelligent high beam plus/multibeam lights on your vehicle. See demo video below If you are not sure if this is compatible with your vehicle please get in touch and we will assist. Car must have SA CODE 640
• Please note this activation is only for US/Canadian vehicles and markets where this is disabled such as Denmark, as EU & rest of the world vehicles with the correct headlights already come with this.


24. Use mobile phone as internet access point for MBUX via Wifi or Bluetooth & Activate Video Browser in MBUX - 2 Credits

Allow tethering of the MBUX headunit to use data from your mobile phone. Please note this will limit some of the online services in MBUX including live traffic, online weather, online hey Mercedes & online map updates. Mercedes Me App features will still work fine. Car must have SA CODE 549 - MBUX HIGH

25. Perimeter Alarm/Parking Damage Detection - 1 Credit
• When the vehicle is parked and the car detects a shock/accident it is reported to you when entering back into the vehicle
26. Change units of power displays from HP to kW or vice versa - 1 Credit
27. Change units of tyre pressure from kPa to bar or psi - 1 Credit
28. Change the number of flashes on one touch indication -1 Credit
• When using one touch indication for example to change lane
29. Vehicle Speed Limit raise (Non AMG Only) - 2 Credits
30. US style indicators - 1 Credit
• Uses part of the rear brake light to also indicate
31. Change the number of flashes from the indicator when locking/unlocking - 1 Credit
When locking and unlocking the vehicle choose the amount of flashes on lock and the amount of flashes on unlock
32. Daytime Running Light Menu
• Enable you to switch off/on DRL lights from mbux menu
33. Vehicle Horn Alarm - 1 Credit
• If the vehicle alarm goes off, as well as using the vehicle alarm siren enabling this also uses the vehicle horn making the alarm louder.
34. Add exhaust valve display on Instrument Cluster(AMG only) - 1 Credit
• Show the status of the exhaust valve on the instrument cluster
35. Vehicle Power Displays – Increase the power & torque range displayed (WILL NOT WORK WITH TUNING BOXES OR CERTAIN REMAPS) - 1 Credit
36. Sync driving modes with ambient lighting - 1 Credit
• For example in comfort mode the ambient lighting is blue, in sport mode it is red etc
37. 64 Colour Ambient lighting enable(If vehicle only comes with 8 Colours) - 1 Credit
38. Engine Sound System enable(Non AMG only) - 1 Credit
• Enable the synthetic engine sound to be played through the speakers to make the engine sound sporty
39. AdBlue Level menu(For Diesel Vehicles Only) - 1 Credit
40. Speedometer Scale type - 1 Credit
• Choose if you want the default speedometer scale type or symmetric speedometer scale
41. Enable Fuel Cap warning - 1 Credit
Warning if you forget to close your fuel cap
42. Speed Limit Pilot enable - 1 Credit
• If cruise control is on and a lower speed limit is detected, automatically lower the cruise control speed limit(Must already have adaptive cruise control)
43. Increase speed before 360 Camera Deactivation - 1 Credit

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