How the remote coding process works

Step 1. You First buy the remote coding device from our webstore by clicking hereor purchase one of our retrofit kits

Step 2. After receiving your device you book your coding session by clicking the Book Now tab on the right hand of the website (Please only book your session once your device has arrived)

Step 3. During our scheduled session, one of our staff will contact you via WhatsApp or any messaging service you prefer. This is where you tell us what coding options you want.

Step 4. You connect our RemoteOBD device to the vehicles OBD/Diagnostic port as shown in the picture below:
Step 5. You also then connect the usb cable to the RemoteOBD device and your Windows 10 Laptop/Macbook (USB-C Adapter may be required for Macbook)(M1/Apple Silicon Macbooks are not supported, only intel Macbooks )

Step 6. You download and install AnyDesk from . This will allow us to remote control your laptop and install our RemoteOBD software.

Step 7. After installing AnyDesk, you open AnyDesk and provide us with the connection code as circled in the image below.

Step 8. Sit Back and watch our Staff Install our RemoteOBD software(shown below). After they install the software they will then run it, which will connect your car to us. This will allow us to carry out the coding remotely.  Throughout the coding process our staff will be messaging you with any instructions or any updates etc
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