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-Remote OBD - Remote Coding Dongle inc 5 Credits

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£160.00 - £220.00
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Are you too far from us in North-West London, UK? Good news, this dongle allows us to connect to your vehicle as if we were there in person, no matter where you are in the world!

This device comes with 5 coding credits. To see what coding we offer please take a look at our coding list  here

See here how it works.

Simply plug the dongle in to the vehicle's OBD port and plug the USB into a Windows 10/11 laptop/ Macbook* connected to the internet.

For MBUX 2 Cars this will be a OBD to Ethernet (RJ45) adapter.

Please read the below to determine what vehicle version you have:

MBUX 1/ NTG5.5 Vehicles Include: A Class 2018-2023, B Class 2019-2023, CLA 2019 -2023, C Class 2018-2022, E Class 2017-2023, CLS 2018-2023, GT63 2018+, GLC 2019-2022, GLA 2020-2023, GLB 2020-2023,GLE 2019-2023, GLS 2019-,2023 EQC 2018+, EQA 2020-2023, EQB 2021-2023, G Wagon 2018-2024, S Class 2018-2021

MBUX 1 Facelifted Vehicles: A Class Facelift 2023+, B Class Facelift 2023+, GLE/GLS Facelift 2023+, CLA Facelift 2023+, GLA Facelift 2023+,EQA Facelift 2023+, EQB Facelift 2023+,

MBUX 2 Vehicles Include: C Class (W206) 2022+, GLC (X254) 2023+, EQE (V295) 2022+, S Class (W223) 2021+, EQS (V297) 2022+, SL AMG (R232) 2022+

Further note for North American Vehicles, North American model years are 1 year behind europe, so for example a 2023 GLE in Europe is considered as a 2024 GLE in North America. All the model numbers above are aligned with Europe.

*For MBUX1/NTG5.5/MBUX1 Facelifted vehicles support for MacBook is via a Virtual Windows Machine. (M1/Apple SIlicon Macbooks currently unsupported). For MBUX2 vehicles all macbooks including apple silicon are supported.

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