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- Mercedes Multibeam Intelligent Headlight Plus Activation - US/CANADA

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Did you know in North America, if your car is fitted with multibeam headlights (SA CODE 640) then the intelligent high beam plus can be activated.

Currently you would only have intelligent high beam, where the car automatically turns on and off the high beam depending on the traffic. With intelligent high beam plus the car can dim individual LEDs in the headlamp to only dim the headlight around the cars infront, leaving the high beam on elsewhere. This greatly increases visibility and safety in dark road driving.

See video demonstration on this product page

This activation is for life, so if it is erased by the dealer the recoding will be free. (Soon the recoding will be a self service option in our app so you would not have to book)

See here how the remote coding process works.

If you buy with the RemoteOBD device you can also add more features from our coding list here. You can buy the credits from our store here

PLEASE NOTE YOU MUST HAVE SA CODE 640. This can be confirmed via a vin decoder tool, or by checking your headlights say MULTIBEAM LED on them. If in doubt please contact us with the vin and we can confirm.


Please read the below to determine what vehicle version you have:

NTG5 Vehicles: C Class 2015-2018, GLC 2015-2019

MBUX 1/ NTG5.5 Vehicles Include: A Class 2018-2023, B Class 2019-2023, CLA 2019 -2023, C Class Facelift 2018-2022, E Class 2017-2023, CLS 2018-2023, GT63 2018+, GLC Facelift 2019-2022, GLA 2020-2023, GLB 2020-2023,GLE 2019-2023, GLS 2019-,2023 EQC 2018+, EQA 2020-2023, EQB 2021-2023, G Wagon 2018-2024, S Class 2018-2021

MBUX 1 Facelifted Vehicles: A Class Facelift 2023+, B Class Facelift 2023+, GLE/GLS Facelift 2023+, CLA Facelift 2023+, GLA Facelift 2023+,EQA Facelift 2023+, EQB Facelift 2023+,

W223 Multibeam S Class: S Class 2021+ with multibeam headlights(Lights will say multibeam) For S Class with digital light see below MBUX2.

For MBUX 2 Vehicles please see digital light activation by clicking here.

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